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Everest PUF Panels is a known name in the field of manufacturing stores, project offices, workmen colonies and cold storages facilities. Aided by an experience of around 25 years, we, at Everest PUF Panels, offer the best cold storage services in India. We have a wide range of prefabricated cold rooms and spaces. These are the structures intended for storing the perishable goods and food products and providing them with the desired temperature of cooling and freezing facilities.

Although there are many industries that require the cold storage facility for one or the other reasons; these facilities play an important role for the food industry. They are like a back bone to this industry. Almost every food product available in the market goes through the cold storage facility for a certain period of time. These facilities are widely used all around the globe, majorly, to preserve and store the perishable goods and food products for a longer period of time. Storing these perishable goods in low temperature environment helps in preserving them and to keep them is the same quality state for a longer period of time. Since there is a substantial growth in the food industry, there is a huge demand for cold storage, cold rooms and other such facilities. With the increase in the rate of a food supply, the rate of production of perishable goods and food products is rising fiercely. More the goods and food products are produced; more is the requirement of cold storage facilities for them. In order to store and preserve these types of food products, it is essential to place them in cold storage facilities to make sure that they do not spoil and damage.

Everest PUF Panels offer the best cold storage facilities and services. We are among the top cold storage dealer in Gujarat as well. With the advance technology we possess, we are continuously raising the quality of our cold storage structures. We offer different types of storage facilities from large cold storage to small cold storage, from distributive cold storage facilities which are used for a steady year-round supply of seasonal food products to port cold storage services that are used for the short period of time basically when the goods is transferred from one type of transport to another type of transport, from in-house cold storages to the warehouse cold storages. We excel in providing the high quality of cold storage services in Vadodara for fruits, vegetables and other such food products where the required temperature and the humidity conditions are the important aspects. Inside such facilities, air with a specific gas composition is also required to be maintained. This controlled atmospheric gaseous medium contains more of the nitrogen rather than oxygen which makes it possible for our clients to store the products for a longer period. This also helps in improving the quality of the foods and lowering the rate of loss incurred during the storage.

With robust construction, our cold storage structures are very capacious and require comparatively low maintenance. Our well-experienced and professional team designs these structures with the highest level of dimensional accuracy and precision. Their error-less construction provides our customers a longer service life which in turn helps us achieve our customer satisfaction goals. Our structures are built corrosion resistant and we also assure that all the fixtures have superlative finish high level of perfection. Being the leading cold storage manufacturer in India, we always endeavor to offer the best of our products and services.

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